Broke Straight Boys: Beefy jock Axel Kane makes cute Xavier Ryan moan in pleasure.


Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Axel Kane, Xavier Ryan

Director’s Notes:

Axel Kane and Xavier Ryan start off with a few laughs but things get heated quick as they make out and Xavier toys with Axel’s nipple, laying him back on the bed and going for that dick. Taking him in his mouth, Xavier works Axel’s cock, swinging his as around for Axel to play with as he slides his lips over Axel’s shaft before sitting on it. Tight ass clenched around Axel’s stiff shaft, Xavier rides him hard before getting pounded doggy style by Axel who pushes Xavier’s face into the bed as he drives his cock deeper.

Axel’s balls slap against Xavier’s taint as he gets fucked, Axel pulling Xavier to the edge of the bed and dominating that hole as Xavier takes it all like a good boy. Holding Xavier’s legs apart Axel rams his dick deeper, taking Xavier however he wants him and fucking him hard and fast, flipping him onto all fours to take him doggy style next. Xavier moans as his hole gets stuffed full of Axel’s dick, that raw cock splitting him open until both these studs are shooting their load, leaving Xavier dripping with cum.


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