Bentley Race: Sexy Brad Hunter has some hot tub fun!

by @ Gay Porn Universe


Studio:  Bentley Race

Star(s):  Brad Hunter

Director’s Notes:

There has been a lot of requests for a new Brad Hunter shoot. So before we broke for winter I invited Brad over for a session in the hot tub. Brad starts this shoot in a little blue speedo, but quickly gets naked as I take his photos. As you can see Brad loves showing off his smooth bum in the bubble bath, and then turns around to reveal his rock hard fat cock. The photoshoot was fun, but things got raunchier when I jumped in the tub with Brad and he starts riding on my cock while I suck on his. I really could get Brad off every day. I love fucking him and making him blow. And shortly Brad will be coming around again.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Bentley Race.

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