BelAmi Online: Toned power bottom Tom Rogers gets used by hung cutie Riff Dornan followed by Nate Donaghy.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Nate Donaghy, Riff Dornan, Tom Rogers

Director’s Notes:

Put Tom Rogers in any scene and you are pretty much guaranteed to have some pretty intense fucking. He is truly worthy successor to Marcel Gassion when it comes to being an insatiable bottom.  Today he is in the middle of Nate Donaghy and HUNGarian, Riff Dornan. We are very lucky that this episode got filmed at all as there was a general power outage that day and Marty was about to call it quits when the power came back on… just in the nick of time.  This scene is all about giving Tom pleasure and satisfying him in every way, a goal to which Riff and Nate apply themselves with all the dedication of a pair of puppies chewing their favorite bone.  As it is Tom’s day, both tops are on their best behavior and wait until Tom cums first before shooting their own impressive loads.

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