William Higgins: Jan Nurad pops Radek Cerveny’s cherry. Enjoy watching these cute twinks enter virgin territory.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Radek Cerveny, Jan Nurad

Director’s Notes:

Jan Nurad is such a lucky guy. He gets to pop Radek Cerveny’s cherry. The scene starts out with sexy newcomer Radek taking a shower and then drying himself off. Then he joins a dozing Jan on the bed. Radek is feeling so horny and begins to rub and kiss Jan who quickly begins to respond. Radek lays on his back with his cock stiffening well as Jan kneels over him to start sucking that dick. Jan’s eager mouth works well on the rock hard cock as he rubs the big balls too. He licks and sucks on the big shaft, wanking it as well, as Radek reaches for rub his head and shoulders. Jan licks at Radek’s big balls too sucking them into his mouth. Radek enjoys the feeling of that hot mouth on his cock and moves onto his knees for more. Radek is happy to oblige and sucks on that cock as it fucks into his mouth. Then Jan removes his underwear too and presents his rampant cock for sucking as well. Radek gets to work on that cock briefly before he is pushed onto his back. His legs are raised so that Jan can work is hard cock into the virgin hole. Jan fucks his dick into Radek’s hot ass and begins to thrust in and out. He rubs and feels Radek’s cock and balls as he fucks. Radek soon grabs his own dick and wanks it as he takes the dick in his ass. Jan pulls out and spits on that ass before sliding his cock back in to fuck some more. Radek keeps wanking his stiff cock as his ass gets fucked deep. Jan’s fucking gets faster and is matched by hard wanking by Radek. Radek’s big cock is rock hard as he wank himself to a big, creamy cumshot with Jan’s dick pounding his hot hole. He milks his cock day and Jan leans forward to kiss hi. Then Jan’s dick goes back into that hot hole and fucks it even harder. He keeps up the fucking, moving Radek onto his knees to take him from behind. Even though he has cum Radek’s dick stays rock hard while he is being fucked. Jan pulls out of that ass as his cum builds up and he shoots the hot load over the cheeks and hole. He milks his cock dry and turns Radek around to kiss him again.

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