William Higgins: Dr. Ivanek Ukara can’t help but put up his legs for sexy Honza Bilek.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Honza Bilek, Ivanek Ukara

Director’s Notes:

Honza Bilek has to visit Dr Ivanek Ukara for his driving licence check up. First he has to answer a few questions then the doctor starts to check him over. Feeling his neck and checking his eyes goes well enough. Then Honza removes his tee shirt to have his chest listened to with the stethoscope. He then turns around and has his back checked too. Next he removes his pants and Ivanek feels his abdomen and his groin, letting his hands slip into the underwear. Reaching between Honza’s legs he checks inside the thighs too. He seems very interested in the bulge created as he adjusts Honza’s underwear and soon pulls them down. Honza’s swelling cock flops out and Ivanek takes hold of it. He starts to lick the cock and then to suck it too. Honza’s hand reaches for the head and pulls it onto his rock hard cock as Ivanek sucks. Ivanek’s mouth wraps tight around that cock as he sucks hard. Then he stands up and turns Honza around, bending him over to examine his ass hoe. A finger is soon delving deep into the tight, hairy, hole. Then they both stand and kiss. We next see Ivanek in the exam chair, leaning back with his legs in the air as Honza’s dick slips into his hot hole. Honza fucks that tight hole hard as Ivanek pulls on his own cock. Honza’s cock gets so hard as he is fucked deep and hard by Honza. His wanking keeps his cock hard as he takes the dick in his hole. Then Ivanek’s cock delivers his creamy cum as Honza continues to pound his ass hole deep. Honza is close too adn pulls out to wank himself and unload his cum.

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