TickledHard: Franco tests cute Drake’s tickling limits.


Studio:  TickledHard

Star(s):  Drake, Franco

Director’s Notes:

23-year-old Drake isn’t nervous at first, but as Franco ties him down, he starts to worry that he might be more ticklish than he thought. Franco starts in his armpits, and it becomes clear that that’s the case. Drake twists his midsection from side to side as Franco tickles the soft skin of his inner thighs and butt. Franco greases up his hands with silicone lube and tickles Drake in his pits and on his ribs. Drake’s giggles and squirms become stronger as Franco moves down to his size 11 1⁄2 feet. Franco tickles him through his white ankle sock before revealing his beautiful bare foot and tickling it with pet grooming brushes. When Drake kicks one away, Franco magically makes another tool appear. He even tickles Drake’s toes with his tongue before switching back to his fingers. Drake flips his foot all around, but Franco always finds a way in. After a good tickle on his right foot, it’s time for a break. Franco gets Drake hard then massages around his crotch while Drake jacks himself off. As soon as Drake shoots his load, Franco clips his wrists to the table and tortures his sensitive cock. Next it’s a playful wrestling match between Franco and Drake’s feet. He’s a wily one! Franco tickles his feet back and forth until they’re both almost exhausted, but before he’s totally unhooked, Drake reveals that he’s weak for feather tips. Franco quickly grabs one and tickles Drake all over his upper body with it before Drake can free himself.

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