TeachTwinks: Sexy jock Danny Montero and hunk Hans Berlin get into some flip flop action.


Studio:  TeachTwinks

Star(s):  Hans Berlin, Danny Montero

Director’s Notes:

Fans of jocks and muscle dudes will absolutely love this pairing between hunky Hans and gorgeous Danny! The two are perfectly suited, both so turned on by the other that it’s a wonder they can hold their loads back for as long as they do. The kissing makes way for plenty of totally delicious cock sucking, the two swapping their hard dicks and loving the taste of each other. With some rimming of Danny’s hole Hans slides in and powers into his ass, fucking the sexy jock lad from behind and pinning him under his powerful frame. Don’t be thinking Danny can’t give it too, though, Hans is soon on his back and being rammed by the lad, making his muscle cock fire off a big load right over his own head! Danny loves seeing that cum fly, within moments he’s waning off in Hans’ face and feeding him some of his fresh goo.

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