Straight Fraternity: Trey and Warren try a game of Bowl of Tricks.


Studio:  Straight Fraternity

Star(s):  Trey, Warren

Director’s Notes:

Warren and Trey get acquainted by drawing from the Bowl of Tricks and doing whatever they pick to each other. After teabagging, toe-sucking, paddling and more, a long deep kiss leads to a blowjob swap and Warren getting fucked in the ass. I have the guys strip to their underwear and pass them the very full Bowl of Tricks. Warren draws first and gets to lube Trey’s asshole. What a one to start on! Trey’s not liking it, but me and Warren sure get a laugh out of it. After Trey smacks Warren’s face and tongue with his dick, it’s Warren’s draw. He teabags Trey, who finally relaxes a bit, until he learns he has to lick Warren’s ticklish toes and then get paddled. Next, Trey has to suck Warren’s nipples, but when Warren draws “kiss,” I know it’s time to tell the guys to go for it. They make out and grab at each other, and I tell Warren he should suck Trey’s cock. Trey tries getting Warren hard, and it becomes obvious that Warren likes his butt played with. Trey sucks his dick a little, but I want to push them more. I ask Warren if he’s willing to get fucked, and he agrees. Warren sits down slowly on Trey’s cock, and once he’s on it, they stand up and move into doggy-style. Trey fucks Warren until he shoots his load, and they fall back on the couch. Trey sucks Warren off, then asks if I want him to cum again for the camera. He leans back and strokes his cock while Warren rubs his nipples and taint. It’s not long before Trey shoots his second load, and it’s a big one!

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