Spritzz: Richard Hicks takes a raw pounding from sexy jock Evan Ryker.


Studio:  Spritzz

Star(s):  Richard Hicks, Evan Ryker

Director’s Notes:

They make a perfect couple, two gorgeous young guys with awesome smooth bodies and plenty of cum to share, but there’s more than that. Handsome lad Evan Ryker has a huge bare boner in his pants, and his adorable little pal Richard Hicks loves to spend the afternoon sucking it and riding him on the couch. The two start sensually with a little romantic groping and kissing, jerking each other off when their dicks are revealed for each other, but when those cocks pass their lips and the smooth boys start slurping each other their passion to fuck takes over. Hung young Evan slips his naked tip between those cheeks and plunders his boy’s hole, filling him with fuckmeat and jabbing him from behind. When sweet little Richard slides his butt down and takes control, riding his big-dicked friend, you can see he’s already on the edge and desperate to cum. He holds back a little longer, making the fun last, but when Evan wanks off and starts plashing cream over the boy’s chest Richard is soon joining in with his own juicy wad!

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