Fun Size Boys: Dr. Wolf is so happy to see an eager and horned up Eli Lincoln.


Studio:  Fun Size Boys

Star(s):  Eli Lincoln, Legrand Wolf

Director’s Notes:

Dr. Wolf could hardly contain a smile on his face when the boy came into his bedroom with the look of complete enthusiasm, completely horned up and eager to play.

Without the sterile setting of the office, Dr. Wolf felt comfortable to grab the boy just as he would his own favorite toy. The tiny boy’s butt was soft and pliable in his hand, molding to his palm like a warm dough.

He spread his cheeks apart, teasing it with his fingers. Dr. Wolf’s cock grew hard in his pants as the boy’s moans filled his bedroom. He pulled out his monster cock, slapping it against the boy’s peach-like behind, feeling it fill up with anticipation and desire.

It clearly wanted to be back inside his miniature bottom and couldn’t wait any more. Dr. Wolf put some lube on the tip of cock his as Eli reached forward, desperate to stroke the monster that would slide inside him…

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