Freshmen: Sexy jock Tom Rogers’ hole gets stuffed by hung Kieran Benning and Jack Harrer.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Kieran Benning, Jack Harrer, Tom Rogers

Director’s Notes:

It’s “Fresh and Kinky” time again and we’re starting with a three-way featuring Kinky Jack Harrer, and Freshmen cuties Tom Rogers and Kieran Benning. We begin with an aberration- one of our boys cleaning house. The reason for Kieran’s sudden burst of good housekeeping is misguided. He’s trying to impress Jack- the king of unkemptness. Tom arrives early for the planned sexy three-way and interrupts Kieran as he is frantically cleaning trying to make the apartment presentable.  Perhaps it’s the exertion that makes Kieran horny, more likely it’s Tom’s perfect ass, but Kieran soon gives up tidying and starts on Tom early. Fortunately, Jack is not too late, and we soon have the promised libidinous three-some. As you’d expect, Tom’s extra-large bubble butt is the eager recipient of the two extra large cocks. Between the two, they manage to satisfy Tom- barely. There is a lot of hot and hard fucking, followed by some ample and explosive cumshots.

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