Boy Napped: Tied and bound, Casper Ellis moans as Master Kane fists his tight ass.


Studio:  Boy Napped

Star(s):  Casper Ellis, Sebastian Kane

Director’s Notes:

When a boy has got a tight and smooth hole like the one Casper has, you’d probably want to use it to the max, right? Master Sebastian has something special planned for the start of this three-video 4K session, getting the smooth and naked boy up in a scaffold seat, roping him in place and blindfolding the boy. When Casper feels the cold lube on his hairless boy hole he probably knows what’s coming, but no boy could be prepared for being worn like a puppet! Master eases in slow, starting with some fingers, but soon filling the boy’s arse with his fist! Casper was so hard at the start, but now his uncut cock is floppy, he still really likes the feel of that hand inside him though. Stick around for part two!

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