Boy Napped: Master Kane tortures Casper Ellis’ balls until he releases a huge load.


Studio:  Boy Napped

Star(s):  Casper Ellis, Sebastian Kane

Director’s Notes:

It’s almost over for twinky boy Casper, but although Master Sebastian has had so much fun fisting the boy’s hole and covering him in hot wax in parts one and two he’s not gonna be done until that cock is splashing cum. The boy is put back into the scaffold seat for the final experience of this 4K session, the blindfold reapplied, the ropes tight against his gorgeous body. Master Sebastian gets to work, applying a clamp around the boy’s pink scrotum. Surprisingly, Casper can’t help but get hard, his cock wet with pre while Master works. As chains are hung from the metal contraption and the weight on his nuts grows Master applies a helmet ring, a cum stopper, around the fat tip of the boy’s cock. Casper can’t help it, the strokes and the weight of the swinging on his balls feels so good! Master Sebastian focuses on the task, wanking the slippery shaft, increasing the pleasure until Casper throws his head back and an uncontrollable flood of cum leaps from his raging erection! It was unexpected, Master was planning to edge him some more, but seeing that dick so desperate to unload and watching the thick white twink cream gushing pleases him.

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