Badpuppy: Sexy Nic Sahara drills toned Zak Bishop.


Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Zak Bishop, Nic Sahara

Director’s Notes:

During the entire interview hunky Nic Sahara can’t keep his hands off of Zak Bishop and vice versa. By the end of the interview both guys are rock-hard. They lean into each other and begin passionately kissing and groping. They stand, strip off their shirts and while they continue kissing, each of them pulls off the other’s underwear. Their hands paw at each other’s cock which are now standing straight up. Nic reaches back, pulls apart Zak’s ass and sticks his finger into Zak’s hole. Zak drops to his knees, swallows up Nic’s uncut piece of meat and then works his tongue around Nic’s foreskin. Nic motions for Zak to join him on the sofa where Nic leans over and goes to work orally pleasing Zak’s thick, long cock. Zak rolls over on the sofa, gets up on all fours and Nic buries his tongue deep within Zak’s ass. He tongue-fucks Zak’s hole, priming him for his thick, uncut dick. Nic stands up and shoves his cock deep into Zak. Zak takes it quite easily and the ass-pounding begins. Zak jacks his cock while Nic fucks the heck out of him. Taking a little control, Zak has Nic sit back on the sofa and Zak sits down on Nic’s dick. It’s not long before Zak is bouncing up and down, enjoying every inch as Nic’s dick bangs up against his prostate. The precum begins oozing out of Zak’s cock as Nic pumps harder. The two of them wind up on the floor with Nic pushing Zak’s legs back before driving his cock back in. Nic pushes Zak closer to orgasm as he fucks him even harder. Zak sprays a messy load of cum all over himself as he moans with each stroke from Nic. Nic pulls his dick out, begins stroking it and he blows thick streams of jizz all over Zak.

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