Badpuppy: Cute Zach Covington shows off his gingery assets.


Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Zach Covington

Director’s Notes:

24-year-old Zach Covington is a super-cute ginger who loves to cruise around town on his skateboard. Zach grew up in Kansas City where he led a very sheltered life. He eagerly joined the Army when he was 17 and shipped off to DC when he was 18. When he got out of the army he headed to Los Angeles. Zach stands up during the interview, strips off his tank top and shorts and begins describing each of his tattoos. As he turns around, he takes off his underwear giving us an unobstructed view of his hot, tight ass. Now, completely turned on he turns back to the camera with his dick standing straight up and ready to be worked. Zach starts jacking his cock and pulling at his balls. It seems he’s really getting into it as he strokes his meat harder and faster. Turning around, Zach bends over the sofa and spreads his ass as wide as he can pull his ass-cheeks. He reaches back and works his hole with one hand while jacking his cock with the other. Ready to blow, Zach falls over on the sofa, spreads his legs wide and resumes intensely jerking his dick. His breathing deepens, his stomach tightens, his balls almost disappear and Zach blows a thick creamy load of jizz all over his abs.

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