William Higgins: Ivanek gets a special six handed massage from Alexandr, Mojkis and Tony!


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Alexandr Jander, Mojzis Kral, Tony Milak, Ivanek Ukara

Director’s Notes:

We have a great line-up for Wank Party #111, with some very sexy str8 guys. Part one sees Ivanek Ukara, Tony Milak, Mojzis Kral and Alexandr Jander. Their thoughts soon turn to sex and everyone gets bare chested as they kiss each other and play with each other. In this Wank Party video we get to enjoy all four of them and we watch them set up for the action. As they interact with each other we can enjoy some hot sucking. Then we see some action as well as they make the scene that became the complete video.

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!


Click here now to check out the full scene at William Higgins.

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