What a hot wrestling match! Peto Mohac dominates Alexandr Jander.



Star(s):  Alexandr Jander, Peto Mohac

Director’s Notes:

Two of our hottest guys, Peto Mohac and Alexandr Jander deliver a great Raunchy Sex scene. It all starts with the two guys wrestling . The slip all over the oiled mats as they try to get a grip of each other. Peto manages to get on top, straddling Alexander and he then pulls out his sitff cock and shoves it down Alexandr’s throat. He pulls Alexandr’s mouth onto his cock and reaches back to grope him too. Peto forces his dick into the hot mouth and continue with that when he stands and has Alexandr kneel before him. Alexandr has to suck hard on that cock as it is fucked into his mouth. Peto then lays Alexandr down and removes his underwear. He sucks on Alexandr’s dick as he lays back and enjoys it. Alexandr then turns over, onto his knees, and presents his hot ass. Peto’s dick is soon deep in that hot ass. He fucks Alexandr hard and spanks on his ass too. That big cock pounds Alexandr’s hot hole hard. Peto’s hips thrust hard as he works his dick so deep into that eager hole. Alexandr turns over, onto his back, and takes the big cock back into his ass hole. Peto fucks hard and soon moves to spoon with Alexandr. Alexandr grabs his own cock and wanks it hard to shoot his hot load all over the place, as Peto keeps up his hard fucking. Then he pulls out and moves up to shoot his hot cum into Alexandr’s mouth.

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