Freshmen: Hottie Jens Christensen takes a pounding from his cheating lover Jeff Mirren as they work on forgiveness.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Jens Christensen, Jeff Mirren

Director’s Notes:

The action starts where the last scene left off. Jeff’s talented tuchus has earned him more than redemption. It’s earned him the right to fuck his jilted lover. But before he does so he must eat Jen’s ass-a task he embarks on happily and eagerly as he prepares it to be fucked. Watching Jen’s thick, long and hard cock bouncing up and down while he is being pounded is one of the scene’s many highlights. Will this steamy sex session convince the boys of the benefits of fidelity and allow these two to lead a life of blissful holy matrimony? We’d bet the bank against it. But it was a nice fantasy and two hot scenes so that will do.

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