Boy Napped: Master Leo Ocean continues the torture on Avery Monroe with some hot wax and intense edging.


Studio:  Boy Napped

Star(s):  Avery Monroe, Leo Ocean

Director’s Notes:

After being severely spanked and face fucked in part one, then being anally ravaged by Leo in part two, the time has finally come to relieve the submissive little twink of his pent-up load in the 4K finale of this awesome kinky session. The dirty mattress is waiting for him, soon tied into a sitting position, his fat uncut cock soon sucked to hardness. The pain of the molten wax isn’t enough to make it go soft, even when it’s poured all over his bare thighs and splashes his saggy nuts! Leo gets to work with his wanking, furiously jacking the boy off, rubbing his helmet and stroking his shaft until he gets what he wanted. Sweet Avery moans with pleasure as semen slings from his big meat, cum pumping from his spongy tip, splashing out to join all the wax now hardening on his legs, stomach and balls. It’s such a relief, it feels so good, but Avery won’t let him go before he’s drenched that spent dick in more hot wax!

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