Boy for Sale: Buyer Damien Oaks doesn’t wait to use and fill his winning…sexy jock Cole Blue.


Studio:  Boy for Sale

Star(s):  Cole Blue, Felix Kamp, Damien Oaks

Director’s Notes:

Cole is nervous to be put up for auction, but he’s also desperate to feel owned by a powerful man.

It’s deep in his core to be submissive and he knows that there will be no better sense of pleasure than when he’s finally possessed by the top bidder. Master Felix shows off his smooth, toned body, making him irresistible to the men in the crowd.

But it’s Master Oaks who wins the day and lays claim to the boy’s body and spirit. As is customary, he mounts the young man and breeds him in front of his fellow bidders, enjoying the privilege of his purchase as well as securing his status as owner and master.

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