Badpuppy: Sexy Dakota Payne makes hunk Scott Riley moan in pleasure.


Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Dakota Payne, Scott Riley

Director’s Notes:

Scott Riley returns to Badpuppy with a very hot and hunky Dakota Payne. As we learn during their interview both have lived all over the United States; but, to them the best place to live is Los Angeles. From the looks of these two studs I would have to agree with them. Scott is constantly playing with Dakota’s crotch throughout the entire interview and at one point Anthony picks up on the fact that Dakota’s getting aroused. Dakota simply grins, reaches down and slides off his underwear exposing his rather plump piece of meat. Scott wastes no time as he leans over, swallows up Dakota’s thick cock and begins working it in and out of his mouth. Dakota stands up, pulling Scott with him. Scott drops to his knees in front of Dakota’s roaring hard-on and Dakota begin face-fucking Scott’s pretty face. Scott kneels over the sofa giving up his ass to Dakota. Dakota does not miss a beat as he drops to his knees burying his face and tongue deep into Scott’s tight, furry hole. Dakota stands up behind Scott and slowly pushes his long, thick cock balls-deep into Scott’s ass. The two of them go at it all over the sofa; but, winding up on the floor with Scott on his back, legs in the air and Dakota still pounding away. Dakota pulls out, grabs his cock and sprays a thick, creamy load of cum all over Scott’s nuts and cock. Scott uses Dakota’s cum as lube and quickly finishes himself off, squirting jizz all over himself.

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