William Higgins: Enjoy watching the oral action between Peto, Martin, Vadim and Franta!


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Franta Beko, Vadim Covrescu, Martin Hovor, Peto Mohac

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #108 stars Franta Beko, Peto Mohac, Martin Hovor and Vadim Covrescu. In part one Martin is working at the punch bag as Peto exercises his biceps with dumbbells. They stop exercising to welcome Vadim and Franta. All thoughts of training are soon gone as they pair up and begin kissing. Franta kisses Martin and Vadim does the same with Peto . As they kiss they grope each other too. Franta pulls down Martin’s shorts and drops down to suck on the exposed cock. Vadim does the same to Peto, whose big cock is rock hard. As Vadim sucks on that big cock Franta’s head bobs on Martin’s rock hard pole too. Peto fucks his dick into Vadim’s eager mouth as Franta licks and sucks at Martin’s balls as well as his cock. Martin fucks his cock into the waiting mouth and Peto pulls Vadim’s head onto his cock. Franta has his own cock out and wanks himself as he sucks. Vadim stands up, exposing his cock as he kisses Peto again and they move over to join the others. Vadim replaces Franta, sucking hard on Martin’s dick. Franta, meanwhile moves over to suck on Peto’s throbbing cock. Martin and Peto kiss as they enjoy the hot mouths on their cocks. Then Franta laps as Martin’s balls as Vadim continues to suck on the big cock. Then Franta sucks on the dick as Vadim wanks himself . Then Martin and Peto’s cocks are pushed together so they can be sucked by the others at the same time. Martin then drops to his knees so all three can take turns on Peto’s beautifully hard cock. Peto’s hips thrust as he fucks his cock into hot mouths one after the other. Then Franta sits on the exercise bike, presenting his ass for Peto to rim. Vadim kneels on the bench doing the same so that Martin’s tongue can work his hole. Martin laps at the hole and probes it with his fingers too, as Peto rims Franta. Those hot holes are soon ready for more, as we will see in Part 2.

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