William Higgins: Don’t miss as the hot fourway gets into some anal play.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Franta Beko, Vadim Covrescu, Martin Hovor, Peto Mohac

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #108 features Franta Beko, Martin Hovor, Peto Mohac and Vadim Covrescu. In this second part we rejoin the action with Peto rimming Franta’s hot hole. He laps at that hole and then stands to slide his stiff dick deep inside. Meanwhile Martin’s cock is alredy fucking Vadim’s eager hole. He fucks hard and pulls our to shove that dick all the way back inside again. Peto fucks hard too, working Franta’s ass which takes the big cock so well. Martin’s hips thrust hard and fast into Vadim’s ass, stretching the hole wide as hie is fucked so deep. Franta’s big cock hangs over the seat of the exercise bike as his ass gets pummelled by Peto’s throbbing cock. Vadim is on his knees, pushing back, as Martin grabs his hips and pounds his ass. Franta grabs his own cock and wanks hard as Peto continues to fuck him. Peto and Martin swap partners and quickly resume the fucking of those sexy asses. Martin’s dick bangs away at Franta’s ass as he continue to wank himself. Peto’s dick works Vadim’s hole as he too reaches for his cock and starts to wank. Then they change again, with Martin and Peto takes turns in Vadim’s eager hole as he sucks on Franta’s cock. Martin and Peto kiss each other as then take turns in Vadim’s ass. The hot asses get a few hefty spanks as things progess too. Franta’s cock is rock hard as well as he wanks in between being sucked by Vadim. The action changes once more as Franta bends over to get more cock in his hole. Martin and Peto takes turns in that ass as Vadim wanks himself. Then he gets to fuck Franta’s well stretched hole too. With teh ever-changing action. They all lay on their sides so that Petr spoons Franta, fucking him hard as Martin does the same with Vadim. His big dick pounds the hole as Vadim wanks himself. Franta is wanking too as his ass is worked hard. With Martin fucking him so hard Vadim is the first to shoot his hot load. He milks his cock as Martin continues to fuck as hard as he can. Then Martin pulls out and shoots his creamy cum over Vadim’s ass. Peto withdraws his dick from Frantas hairy hole to shoot the cum all over it. He milks his cock dry as Frant’s dick dumps his huge cum shot as well. The two couples kiss as a very hot scene draws to a close.

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