Freshmen: Sexy jock Viggo Sorrensen goes from cameraman to possible on-screen star.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Viggo Sorrensen

Director’s Notes:

Introducing us to the charming Viggo Sorrensen is Director Luke Hamill who is standing in for our regular interviewer George Duroy. You will probably note an unusually close rapport between Luke and Viggo and that he is strangely relaxed for a first-time model. The explanation is the unusual career trajectory he has underwent with us. You see, Viggo worked as a cameraman for about a year before deciding to go in front of the camera.  Normally models that work as cameramen do so after their modeling days are over. Viggo is the first model to work as a cameraman first. Perhaps we were willing to make an exception because we suspected that Viggo, with his good looks and great body, would eventually want to model. Before working for BelAmi he was a semi-professional break dancer. You can look forward to Viggo demonstrating other types of moves as you will see much more of Viggo (and his camerawork) in the future.

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