William Higgins: Klark Junak moans as Alan Hemar fucks then pumps his tight hole.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Alan Hemar, Klark Junak

Director’s Notes:

Klark Junak has an upcoming test and he is worried that he cannot learn everything in time. Luckily Alan Hemar says he can help him, by relaxing him. Alan starts by kissing Klark as they sit on the edge of the bed. Removing their tee shirts they lay down with Alan kissing over Klark’s sexy chest. He opens Klark’s jeans too and pulls them down to release his cock. Alan takes hold of that cock and starts to suck on it as Klark lays back to enjoy it. Klark’s dick swells as Alan’s hot mouth works on it, with his head bobbing up and down. He wanks that hardening cock too and licks over the cock head. Klark breathes heavily as the hot mouth works his dick. Then the two guys kiss again as Alan lays down so that Klark can suck on him . Klark kneels over Alan and takes the cock into his mouth. That dick gets very hard quickly as Klark’s mouth sucks on it. Klark’s head bobs up and down as Alan moans as his dick feels the hot mouth working up and down. Klark’s tongue swirls around the cock head too. He licks and wanks on the throbbing cock for a while and then it is all change. Klark bends over, on his knees, presenting his hot ass and Alan slides his rock hard dick deep inside. Klark moans loudly as the cock pounds into his hole, fucking him hard. Alan fucks with long strokes, thrusting hard into that ass. Then Klark turns over, laying on his back with his legs in the air, for Alan to fuck him some more. That rock hard dick slams deep into Klark’s hot, hairy, hole. Alan keeps fucking that ass, pulling out and thrusting all the way back inside again. His rock hard dick keeps fucking hard and Klark moves onto his knees again to feel the dick slam back into his hole. Alan’s fucking is hard and fast with his balls swinging back and forth as he works that ass. His big cock releases the cum deep into Klarks hole and then Alan pulls out and spreads the ass cheeks to inspect that well used hole. Then Klark lays on his back and wanks himself to a creamy cum shot as Alan kisses him and his hot chest.

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