Freshmen: Jason Bacall is so sexy and adorable! Enjoy watching this cuddly jock blast a load all over his toned bod!


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Jason Bacall

Director’s Notes:

This interview with Jason Bacall is special for two reasons. First, he exudes the confidence of an experienced porn star, completely at ease speaking and playing in front of the camera. He exhibits none of the understandable hesitancy that some of our newbies show. Secondly, Kevin Warhol is conducting the interview, so we get the sense that they are speaking as friends.This is why we try our best to cultivate friendships between models, taking them on overseas trips and providing them with places to socialize. It’s so that when Kevin asks Jason to take his clothes off, we get a “Jason style” strip, aimed at pleasing Kevin, himself and, of course, us. Enough! Here is Jason. Be sure to watch the end for Jason’s copious creamy gift to all of us.

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