Boy for Sale: New owner Myles Landon continues to enjoy using caged Austin Young.


Studio:  Boy for Sale

Star(s):  Myles Landon, Austin Young

Director’s Notes:

Master Myles has little patience for pleasantries. Or even foreplay. He’s a busy, powerful man who bought a slave to be a toy and a hole, not a friend. For Austin, it’s a challenging transition to be so completely objectified and compartmentalized.

But the more time he spends in his cage, the more he accepts the role he must play. He knows he must do as his master commands, even if it’s to patiently wait for long periods to be used again.

And when Myles brings him out, he knows he has to be ready to take it hard and deep without any warm up. The hard, raw breeding can be intense and rough, but Austin wouldn’t dare argue with his owner.

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