BelAmi Online: Hung veteran star Marc Ruffalo tops athletic Jens Christenson.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Jens Christenson, Marc Ruffalo

Director’s Notes:

Keeping our studios looking new and fresh is almost as much work as finding new guys to film with all the time. New beds, sofas, painting and wallpapering are all quite regular activities that director Marty Stevens has to take care of as well. Today’s models actually have to help clean up after the newest wallpapering job, as our handyman didn’t get to finish the job until just before the shoot started. Marc and Jens are definitely examples of the adage that opposites attract. Marc is dark and athletic whereas Jens is lean and blond. Both guys, however, are undeniably sexy and turned on by each other. Marc gives us one of his best cumshots here as he literally explodes a stream of manjuice all over Jen’s ass before greedily swallowing up as much of his buddies load as he can.

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