Chaos Men: Bad boy Wright gets edged by James Dawn.


Studio:  Chaos Men

Star(s):  James Dawn, Wright

Director’s Notes:

James Dawn likes E-Stim or electrical play. I actually purchased the same one he has at home so he would be familiar with how it works.

It’s not as strong or painful as you would imagine. It tingles more than painful. Wright used it on him, and it only startled him a couple times. But he loves the feeling, especially on his balls and cock shaft.

I also got an electric butt-plug, but it was way too big and hard for him to use. But it has a really powerful charge, and I really want to see if I can find a guy to use it and if it will make him cum.

This is Wright’s first time doing an Edge video. I’m glad he was the guy to make James cum. His powerful arms jerked James’ uncut cock until he blew his load.

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