Twinks in Shorts: Sexy masseur Jeffrey Lloyd doesn’t forget to rub any part of Liam Hardy’s toned body.


Studio:  Twinks in Shorts

Star(s):  Liam Hardy, Jeffrey Lloyd

Director’s Notes:

Liam Hardy, with the looks and build of a thug, is already practically naked when he arrives at Jeffrey Lloyd’s studio for a massage. They get straight to work, with Jeffrey pouring oil onto his hands, getting Liam’s torso all slippery. We’re soon treated to one of the most amazing asses ever. Perfectly dimpled, beefy, and with the right amount of firmness, even Jeffrey can’t seem to keep his hands off Liam’s mouth-watering glutes. Not that Liam seems to mind. Spreading his legs, he’s soon bent over, giving Jeffrey full access. Jeffrey, twink whore that he his, pays proper homage to Liam’s ass, hole, balls, and cock. The chiseled jock twink, nothing short of that Italian masterpiece, Michelangelo’s David, then kicks back and strokes out a big juicy load for us to drool over.

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