Freshmen: Cute newbie Eluan Jeunet doesn’t fall for sexy Helmut and Jerome’s dangling temptations.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Eluan Jeunet

Director’s Notes:

This interview with Eluan was conducted by GD during the filming of Summer Beak at Castello KinkyAngelo. There was a baptism by fire for Eluan as horny rascals Helmut and Jerome tried to convince him that the primary job of all assistants is to suck their dicks. Fortunately, Eluan is one of our brighter guys and knew how to handle their antics. Eluan is a libidinous linguist who speaks 7 languages and is looking to add Spanish to the mix. This interview will be followed later by an extended solo performance.

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