GayHoopla: Enjoy the debut of toned Blake Michael. Watch him jerk a nice load all over his pleasure trail.


Studio:  GayHoopla

Star(s):  Blake Michael

Director’s Notes:

Wow… We are just as starstruck as you are. Blake Michael is that boy-next-door that offers to cut your lawn simply out of the kindness of his big heart. Ultra friendly and BEAUTIFUL, Blake is one of a kind and we are honored to have him here at GayHoopla to kick off our BIGGEST year yet with a serious bang.

This ripped young jock stud has always been motivated to improve his physique. Blake always likes to take things to personal levels that he’s never done before. Must be where that fierce determination in the gym comes from.

Not only does Blake take his training to the extreme, he lives his life by that rule as well. Constantly pushing his own limits to learn more about himself and find out what he is really capable of. This hunk never backs down from a challenge and we love that about him.

Come ride along with the new face of GayHoopla… Our very own All-American boy, Blake Michael!

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!


Click here now to check out the full scene at GayHoopla.

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