Freshmen: Joel Birkin is on the lookout for some fresh meat. Lucky for him, he runs across cutie Pip Caulfield to fuck.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Joel Birkin, Pip Caulfield

Director’s Notes:

This scene is a point of view “selfie” style video shot by Joel. Joel happens upon Pip and, as someone familiar with the countryside, offers to show him the scenery. Of course, Pip’s mostly desiring to become familiar with Joel’s dick and the only scenery Joel is interested in gazing upon is Pip’s ass. The outdoor sex almost comes to a halt as Joel realizes he did not bring lube. However, Pip’s desire for Joel is too great and he decides to make do with a little spit. Pip’s reputation as an outstanding lover is deserved. In rising to this, his biggest challenge yet, Pip has outdone himself.

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