Chaos Men: Tenzin gets covered in cum after some oral fun with Wills.


Studio:  Chaos Men

Star(s):  Tenzin, Wills

Director’s Notes:

I had Tenzin start sucking Wills, thinking that he would get turned-on sucking on his cock.

But he focused on pleasing Wills, who was enjoying having his dick sucked. He even bossed Tenzin around, using some nice verbal to turn Wills on.

Once they start to 69 suck each other, Tenzin stops worrying so much about pleasing Wills, and his own cock hardens. Though it could also be that Wills was playing with his hole.

Once Wills starts sucking and then rimming Tenzin’s hole, he gets super turned on and his cock begins leaking pre-cum.

Tenzin thought that having Wills cum on his face, it would make it cum quicker.

Wills jerks his cock right into Tenzin’s face, hovering over him. Tenzin was trying to time it, but Wills was already close to cumming. We did slip a vibrating butt plug into his ass and that was enough to bring Tenzin up to match Wills’ speed.

Wills unload all over Tenzin, trying his best to shoot his load into Tenzin’s mouth, but the spray goes everywhere! Tenzin then quickly unloads, adding his own load to the creamy mess!

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