TickledHard: Cute Jason gets an intense tickling by Franco and roommate Kae.


Studio:  TickledHard

Star(s):  Franco, Jason, Kae

Director’s Notes:

19-year-old straight guy Jason was so ticklish last time that Franco had to have him back for a special foot tickle torture session. Franco spreads Jason’s arms and legs and ties him down naked to the mattress. He tickles Jason through his black ankle socks and immediately Jason starts flailing. Jason struggles like crazy, but there’s absolutely no escape. Franco adds more restraints but deliberately leaves them a little loose to give Jason room to move… and to fool him into thinking he might be able to get free! Jason’s face turns red as he struggles to catch his breath. He squeals and screams when Franco tickles his feet with a brush, laughing sadistically. Franco peels off Jason’s sweaty sock and tickles his bare foot with all sorts of feathers and quill tips before returning to the brush torture. Jason breathlessly begs for it to stop, but Franco has a surprise for him. He brings in Jason’s roommate Kae to hold Jason down and add to the tickle torture! Jason screams like a mad man when Franco and Kae tickle both his bare feet with feathers, but the volume goes through the roof when they each use a different brush on Jason at the same time. Jason begs for them to stop, but it only makes them tickle harder. And even when Franco is willing to give Jason a break, his ruthless roommate Kae isn’t.

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