Colby Knox: Hung Colby Chambers fills hot jock Hayden Brier’s tight ass with one huge load.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Hayden Brier, Colby Chambers

Director’s Notes:

ColbyKnox is excited to introduce Hayden Brier to the website. Hayden is somewhat new to the industry and has only done a handful of scenes so far. For his first scene with ColbyKnox, Hayden is being paired with the incredible stud Colby Chambers. Hayden is exactly the type of guy that Colby normally goes for. His body is ripped and his skin is nice and tan. You can tell Hayden works out all the time because of how tight and lean all of his muscles are. He is a beautiful young man and Colby can’t wait to cum deep inside his tight little hole. Because it’s Hayden’s first scene with CobyKnox they make sure you get the opportunity to know him better. After a quick conversation the boys are ready to get down to the business at hand. Colby sucks Hayden’s thick 20 year old cock before flipping him over and licking his tight shaved hole. The sex is insanely hot and you will absolutely love watching cum being pumped deep inside Hayden’s big beautiful ass. Colby shoots days worth of warm cum all over the place and it’s so close and clear that you can almost taste it. Gay Porn does not get any better than this, Two young men using their huge cocks to get each other off. WOOF what a beautiful scene.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Colby Knox.

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