Posts From the monthly archives: "January 2019"

  Studio:  Sean Cody Star(s):  Kieran, Riley Director’s Notes: Blond-haired Kieran and boyish looking Riley were on the basketball court sweating it out before their intimate one-on-one play. “So what was your first impression of me upon meeting?” asks athletic Riley. “I looked at you, and you were fucking cute…(Read More)

  Studio:  Cocky Boys Star(s):  Troy Accola, Taylor Reign Director’s Notes: Together again for the first time it’s Taylor Reign & Troy Accola as these “friends with benefits” finally share their special relationship on camera! Because they’ve been together before, there’s a smooth transition from affectionate kissing to Taylor fingering…(Read More)

  Studio:  Bromo Star(s):  Paul Canon, Darin Silvers Director’s Notes: Brawny beau Darin Silvers is a certified jock sniffer, and he certainly didn’t hold back in the gym locker room! However, Darin’s timing was off as athletic cutie Paul Canon came out the shower, and caught him mid sniff! Brown-haired…(Read More)