William Higgins: Honza Onus moans as Martin Polnak drills him deep.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Honza Onus, Martin Polnak

Director’s Notes:

Two very handsome str8 guys, Honza Onus and Martin Polnak are relaxing, feeling each other’s bodies. They begin kissing too as Honza leans back on the sofa and Martin kneels over him. Martin kisses his way down Honza’s hot body. He releases Honza’s rock hard cock and starts to suck on it, licking up and down the shaft and taking the whole cock in his mouth. Honza’s hand pushes Martin’s head down on the cock as he enjoys the hot lips on it. Martin moves up Honza’s body so they can kiss some more. Then he goes back down on the throbbing cock. His mouth works that cock so well before he sits, with his own stiff dick out, for Honza to suck him. That big cock is rock hard as Matin pushes Honza’s head down on it. The hot lips wrap tight around the cock taking it deep into his mouth. Then Honza moves down to the balls to lick and suck at them too. He goes back to the cock, sucking hard on it. Then Honza lays down, on hi shoulders with his legs over his head and his hot ass in the air. Martin rims the hot hole, his tongue lapping at it. Then Martin rubs his fingers over the hole before rimming again. He slips a finger into the eager hole, fucking it in and out before rimming again. Then Honza moves onto his knees with Martin behind him. Martin slides his big cock deep into the waiting hole. He fucks that ass deep as his balls swing back and forth. The cock goes deep into Honza’s ass and fucks hard with the balls slapping against the ass. Martin pulls out and sits on the sofa for Honza to slide his ass down on the waiting cock . Holding that ass in place Martin fucks up into it as hard as he can. His rock hard dick pounds the ass hard and fast as Honza’s cock stands fully to attention. Then Honza slides off the cock and lays on his back with his legs up for more fucking. Martin’s cock works the hole fucking it deep. Honza grabs his own cock and starts to wank as he feels the dick pounding his ass. He wanks himself and releases the creamy cum on to his belly as Martin keeps up his fucking . Then Martin pulls out and dumps his cum onto Honza’s cock and balls. After milking his cock dry he leans forward so they can kiss again.

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