William Higgins: 18-year old cutie Ivan Jedlik packs one curved monster!


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Ivan Jedlik

Director’s Notes:

Ivan Jedlik is aged 18 ad lives in Prague. This cute str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, swimming and jogging. He looks so good as he sits on the sofa feeling his body. Letting a hand run under his tee shirt Ivan feels his chest. He gropes himself too, through his jeans as he slowly exposes his torso. Ivan removes the tee shirt, baring his sexy chest, and continues to feel himself. He slips a hand into the jeans to grope his cock. Then he opens the jeans to reveal his cock which is already hard. Taking hold of the cock he starts to wank it. He takes off his jeans and carries on wanking his thick cock and rubbing his chest. As he wanks the foreskin runs up and down the cockhead. Ivan gropes his balls too as he wanks. Then he takes some oil and rubs it all over his hard cock. He continues to wank that dick and then raises his legs to show off his ass. Reaching down he pulls on the ass to part the cheeks and show off his tight hole. He rubs his fingers over that hot hole too. When he drops his legs he continues to wank his hard cock, speeding up as he get close to cumming. The balls tighten at the base of the shaft too and then the cock releases the squirting cum, shooting out in big spurts. He milks the cock dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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