Corbin Fisher: Hot jocks Beau and Max have a Halloween fuck!


Studio:  Corbin Fisher

Star(s):  Beau, Max

Director’s Notes:

Max and Beau have a special treat for you, to kick off your Halloween festivities!

What starts out as some harmless, innocent fun – carving their Halloween pumpkins, hanging out together, and each just being as endearing as possible (while wonderfully shirtless!) – ends up with an all out raw and wild fuck session, with Max’s big dick drilling Beau deep and blasting Beau’s hole with cum.

Beyond their remarkable good looks, Beau and Max have each won over legions of fans on account of their sexy, fun, adorable personalities – these studs are both as charismatic as can be, and it really shows through the first few minutes of this episode as we get to see them getting along and enjoying each other’s company.  You can tell there’s some real chemistry between these guys, so letting them have this rematch was a must.  By the time they move from pumpkin carving in the kitchen to making out and groping one another in a more intimate setting, there is no doubt these guys were eager to fuck!

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