Colby Knox: Sexy couple Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers have some hot fun sofa action.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox

Director’s Notes:

Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are at it again. This time they are Bareback Flip Fucking on their couch in the sunroom. Colby’s cock is rock hard today and he wants to cum deep inside his boy-toy Mickey. However Mickey is horny as always and wants to stick his dick deep inside Colby too, So they decide to do both! Mickey Knows that he will be taking Colby’s warm load today so he volunteers to top first. Mickey bends Colby over in front of him and admires his round beautiful ass. With his cock throbbing so hard it’s starting to hurt Mickey goes for it. He pulls his dick out and slams it against Colby’s cute little asshole. With nothing more than spit on the end of his dick Mickey pushes his way inside his husband. Pumping slow and steady he loosens Colby up for more. This is short lived because Colby wants to Nut inside Mickey’s ass NOW. He demands that Mickey pop his ass high in the air so he can demolish it. Colby Slams all 7 inches right up Mickey’s tight Hole. The screams are muffled by a pillow but you can tell that Mickey loves the pain. Colby slams deeper and deeper with each stroke. Opening Mickey up to a new level of cock. Colby’s cock grows harder and harder until Colby can’t contain his seed anymore. With one last thrust his cum Shoots out of his Cock and far inside Mickey’s hole. The orgasm is strong and the cum starts dripping from Mickey’s ass almost immediately. Another LIVE show captured for your gay porn viewing pleasures.


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