Colby Knox: Scotty Knox gets one hard pounding under the North Carolina sun by Colby Chambers.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Colby Chambers, Scotty Knox

Director’s Notes:

Its another sunny day in North Carolina in this new gay porn video release from Colbyknox. Colby Chambers and Scotty Knox are making good use of the day getting some sun on their shoulders and working in the yard. Scotty can see from across the property that Colby would jump on a break just as quick as he would jump on his ass so he figures, why not offer up both? Scotty Knox lets Colby know that he’s tired of doing yard work for now and would much rather let Colby work his ass over a much needed break. Colby puts the horny teenager on his knees and offers up his sweaty hard cock. Scotty Knox jumps on the chance and sucks Colby long and hard in the broad day sun. Colby cant wait to get a taste of Scotty and switches places with him putting his rock hard dick in his mouth and going to town. Colby Chambers sucks on Scotty front side for a while before flipping him over and getting a mouth full of Scotty Knox’s tight hungry asshole. Licking and slurping at Scotty’s sweaty young butt hole gets Colby worked up beyond control. He throws Scottys legs over his shoulders and plants his cock inside of the boy bare. Scotty and Colby exchange moans of pleasure and satisfaction as they get what they need from each others hot hard bodies. Colby Chambers fucks away at Scotty bareback until he climaxes in a deep satisfying load busted bare into Scottys ass. Scotty Knox not far behind him shows us all big fat load of his own.


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