Boy Napped: Under the dominance of Master Kane, sexy Casper Ellis gets milked with electro stimuli.


Studio:  Boy Napped

Star(s):  Casper Ellis, Sebastian Kane

Director’s Notes:

Casper has never experienced this kind of pleasure before, but after this 4K scene I think he’s gonna want more! The naked boy is kneeling and restrained with a bar between his ankles, his arse up in the air and his uncut cock hanging, just the way master Sebastian likes his boys to be for a good anal play session. Sebastian is eager to assert his dominance, something he does easily with some verbal nastiness and a little more rope to secure him in place. The boy’s rump gets some slapping, his cock gets some wanking and sucking, then it’s time for the electro stimulation. With a probe in his hole and a ring around his cock he experiences an entirely new sensation, one that makes his dick pump milky cream out of his shaft. It’s not enough, the master wants more cum from that dick!

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