Bentley Race: Get wet with hot Russian jock Kell Fuller.


Studio:  Bentley Race

Star(s):  Kell Fuller

Director’s Notes:

I’ve just had one of most fun summers hanging out in Berlin with our mates there. The days have been long and hot. I thought I would make the shoots on the balcony a little more fun by adding an inflatable swimming pool. And the first person to try it out is 21 year old Russian, Kell Fuller. Kell is always up for trying new things, so he was first to jump in the pool. I can’t remember why he started in their fully clothed. But I’m glad he did because he looks hot in a wet t-shirt. And I love the shots of his perfect bum bobbing in and out of the water. Kell is the first in a series of guys jumping in to my balcony pool for some naughty naked photoshoots.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Bentley Race.

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