Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Petr Jarena, Tomas Salekand

Director’s Notes:

Two hunky str8 guys Tomas Salekand Petr Jarena give us a great scene. They are both just wearing underwear and showing off their awesome bodies as they feel each other all over. They kiss as their hands roam everywhere. Cocks get hard in the underwear as they are groped. Petr slides a hand into Tomas’ underwear to feel his ass cheeks as they continue to feel each other. He pushes Tomas down onto the table, pulling the underwear down as he does so. That releases Toma’s rock hard cock which Petr is quick to start sucking. His hot mouth sucks on the upright cock. Tomas’ hand roams over Petr’s back and onto his head, pushing him down on the throbbing cock. Petr’s lips wrap tight around the cock when he sucks. He wanks the cock too, and licks it as well. Then he stands and removes his own underwear, letting his dick flop out. Tomas leans over and takes the cock into his mouth. He sucks hard on that cock. Petr’s balls are tight at the base of his upstanding cock as Tomas sucks and licks it. Petr holds Tomas head and fucks his cock into the eager mouth. Tomas keeps working on that rock hard cock, licking up and down the shaft. Then they switch as Tomas lays back for Petr to suck him again. Then Petr pushes Tomas’ legs up, to expose his hairy ass. Petr’s tongue finds Tomas’ hot hole and laps at it. He rubs his fingers over that hole too and then takes a dildo and pushes it into the tight hole. Tomas holds the leg in the air as Petr works the toy in and out of that hot ass hole. Tomas moans as he takes the toy all the way into his ass hole. He takes hold of his cock and wanks it as Petr continues to work the hole. Then the toy is removed and Petr sucks on Tomas cock again. Moving again Petr sits on the sofa so that Tomas can straddle him and slide that hot ass down on the waitiing cock. Tomas rides his ass up and down on Petr’s dick, taking it all. He rides up and down on the cock as his hole is stretched wide. That hot ass works Petr’s cock well. Then Tomas slides off the cock and bends on the sofa, presenting his ass for more cock. Petr takes that ass from behind, ramming his dick in and out as he fucks deeply. He gives Tomas’ ass a few spanks too as he fucks it hard. They then move again, to spoon, and Tomas wanks himself as Petr pounds the hole as hard as he can. That make Tomas unload his creamy cum onto the table. Petr continues to fuck that eager hole as Tomas milks his cock dry. Petr’s cock stretches the hole wide as he fucks hard. Then he pulls out and wanks the cum from his cock too, letting it shoot onto his leg and over Tomas’ ass. The cum clings to Petr’s hand as he milks his cock and then pulls Tomas head over so they can kiss again.

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