Studio:  Straight Off Base

Star(s):  Lance Corporal Jax, Sergeant Scott

Director’s Notes:

Straight off base, USMC studs and best battle-buddies, Lance Corporal Jax and Sergeant Scott (fresh out of the Corps) swing by the Major’s penthouse quarters to do a hot webcam show for several of their online friends. They first hop into the shower to get the action underway and then head to the couch to lube up and stroke each other off before Sgt. Scott positions himself between LCpl Jax‘s hairy legs to chow down on Jax‘s hard and juicy meat-missile. After a few minutes of sharing a fleshlight between themselves, Sgt. Scott blows a hefty cumload onto his pubes and LCpl Jax soon follows with a super thick load of cum onto his hairy treasure-trail.

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Click here now to check out the full scene at Straight Off Base.

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