Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Jos Alvarez, James Nearwater

Director’s Notes:

James Nearwater is one of our newer guys here, but he and Jos Alvarez clicked the second they met, sharing a lot of interests and now they’re about to share even more as they become scene partners. James pulls off his pants and Jos kisses his way up to James’s cock, taking that sweet dick in his mouth and sucking on it as James encourages him from above. Jos deepthroats that cock one more time before James gets on his knees between Jos’s legs and gives him oral next, tugging gently on Jos’s balls as he chokes on that big cock.

Jos begs to be fucked and James doesn’t keep him waiting, lining his prick up with that tight hole, he pushes inside and feels Jos stretch around him. Jos spreads his legs and takes that bareback dick as James pinches Jos’s nipples and wraps his hand around Jos’s throat, fucking him hard and fast as Jos moans under him. They climb farther onto the bed and James lays beside Jos, pounding him side by side, Jos’s sore hole taking every inch of James’s hard dick. Pulling Jos onto his lap, James fucks him as Jos rides that long shaft until he shoot his cum everywhere and then kneels down to take James’s load right in the face, cleaning that cock off with his mouth as James catches his breath and they both collapse on the bed.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Broke Straight Boys.

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