Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  John Henry, Richie West

Director’s Notes:

Richie West joins John Henry in the bathroom as John runs a hot bath, leaning in immediately for a kiss as they start to make out and Richie teases Johns cock with his mouth before they both step into the warm water. Their slim and toned bodies glisten with wetness as they both sink into the water before John reaches for Richie’s dick, moving him up to sit on the edge of the tub as he gives him head. When it’s Richie’s turn to give John oral he kneels down in the water as John stands above him and fucks his face, pushing that dick down Richie’s throat as Richie drools and chokes on John’s fat dick. John joins Richie in the water again and turns him around, ass hovering just above the surface of the water as John rims and fingers his hole before pulling out a dildo and using it on Richie next.

Richie moans gently as John pushes the toy in and out of that tight hole, watching as it disappears into Richie’s ass and placing kisses on his ass cheeks as he fucks him with the dildo. When Richie’s ass is warmed up, John positions his bareback cock behind Richie and slowly slides it inside of him, burying himself balls deep as Richie takes every inch of that hard shaft. John fucks him gently, the water sloshing below them as move in tandem, but John wants to go harder and puts one foot out of the tub, gaining leverage to fuck Richie’s hole faster and deeper. John can’t take any more of that tight hole as he pulls out and busts all over Richie’s back, shooting a huge load and then letting Richie finish himself off next, his cum dripping onto the bathroom floor as they prepare to get cleaned up together.


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