Twinks in Shorts: Wet boys Joel Varga and Jimmie Brown get all messy in the shower.


Studio:  Twinks in Shorts

Star(s):  Jimmie Brown, Joel Varga

Director’s Notes:

Toned, slender twink Jimmie Brown takes a bath after getting sweaty outdoors. The trouble is, as he’s wearing a sexy pair of underwear and lathers himself up, Jimmie starts to get super horny. He also can’t reach his back so he calls for Joel Varga’s assistance. The dark-haired beauty is all too happy to help his twink buddy out. Joel gets his hands soapy and slick and soon starts lathering up Jimmie’s luscious body. But this isn’t your typical soaping up. This is a sensual massage using thick, foamy soap. As Joel glides his hands up and down Jimmie’s soft limbs, you can tell he’s getting horny, too. His hands roam all over Jimmie’s hot ass, squeezing and kneading, before Joel himself steps into the bathtub. When it comes time to rinse off, Joel gets Jimmie all wet but the playful twink turns the tables on Joel and showers him with water. It’s a horny sight to see the suds sliding down Jimmie’s body! Joel manhandles Jimmie’s ass even more while stroking his large, uncut cock. Joel gets nice and close and personal, sucking Jimmie’s cock in between getting him all soapy. And trust us when we say, if you’ve ever jerked off using a good soap, you’ll know exactly what the twink feels as Joel gives Jimmie a handjob, edging him until the twink can no longer hold back and spews a hot creamy load.

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