Guys in Sweatpants: Sexy Shaun shows off his beefy gym bod in his debut.


Studio:  Guys in Sweatpants

Star(s):  Shaun

Director’s Notes:

Check out Shaun’s intro…

What’s up, everyone?! My name is Shaun and I currently reside in sunny Florida. I’m in the military so that takes up a lot of my time at the moment, but when I have free time, I’m usually out hiking (or anything outside when it’s not too hot) or at the gym! Working out is one of my passions so I try to eat pretty healthy too. There isn’t much sense in lifting a lot if you don’t eat healthy! As far as sex, I like it rough. I love some someone who can get down with some choking and even let me throw them around some. Being in front of the camera is a new experience for me, and hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I did!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Guys in Sweatpants.

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